Un-Natural Light

Born and raised in South East London and living since 2005 in a cosy south coast dream bubble called Brighton.

1999-2006 I was involved in the South London graffiti world, where I developed my love for documentary photography and figurative work especially photobased spraypaint portraiture.

2005-2009 This evolved into photo-based portraits in monochrome acrylics, and I really grew to love (and still do!) the hard edged planar effects that acrylics produce so well. I was also shooting a lot of black and white film in 135mm, 120 and 5x4 Formats, and produced my first tesselated photo-collages.

2009-2011 The photography habit I had developed to provide source material for painting took on a life of it's own and become my primary source of expression, I made my first forays into nature photography and developed my post-production skills and understanding of digital imagery.

2011-2012 I returned my focus to drawing and painting, with the long term goal of building a solid skill base to the point where my works from life could equal my works from photographs in accuracy and confident realization.

2012-2013 I enrolled on the newly founded drawing Atelier at Draw Brighton tutored by Jake Spicer. Doing upto 35 hours a week of lifedrawing and keeping up my day job as a postman was quite taxing at times but I survived and learned more about drawing in a year than I had in the previous five!

2013-2014 I completed another year at the Draw Atelier, this time focusing on Oil Painting, where I was finally able to put the control I had over Acrylics when working from photographs together with observational skills honed in hundreds of hours of lifedrawing.

2014-2015 I gave up my day job and began living my art all the time as well as oddjobbing in various different workplaces, it was a tough year, with much pain and growth instability and uncertainty, and some sublime moments. Most importantly I bought a motorbike!